Design & Bespoke lighting

Architectural lighting design is increasingly appreciated as an important part of the built environment design process. The skills involved offer added value for the client, the design process and the end-users. Bespoke lighting designs can enhance the aesthetic and mood of a space, guide people through a room or space, create fascination; or encourage people to stop, appreciate and ‘be’ in the space.

We offer a wide range of bespoke lighting design services to our clients such as;

  • A talented and knowledgeable lighting design team with a hands-on approach from varied design backgrounds.
  • Lighting calculations for natural and artificial lighting, planning and best practice.
  • Photoshop rendering for quick representations of the desired effect or to examine options.
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest lighting technologies, luminaires and trends; we handpick the right technology for your scheme.
  • Energy-efficient designs; saving our clients money whilst minimising the impact on the environment.
  • Understanding of the design process and the importance of design coordination between the project stakeholders.

Enigma Bespoke Lighting

We turn your vision into reality. The Enigma Lighting bespoke service provides the opportunity for you to lead the way in the design of lighting for your project.

We are equipped with the technology, designing capabilities and knowledge to create magnificent bespoke lighting to fit your needs and requirements. We have created trees, clouds, chandeliers, shades, neon, basically any size, any shape, any material we can assist with making this happen. Get in touch and we can talk you through the process.