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Thanks to strong expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative tracks, adapters and accessories, Global Trac today has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of track solutions. We provide our customers with the complete range of Global track and track adaptors that together with Enigma’s range of track lighting creates a perfect synergy for any lighting requirements.
Global Trac’s highly automated, state of the art factories in Finland help us meet customer demand at all times and guarantee, that we can deliver a comprehensive portfolio of track lighting solutions quickly and cost-effectively.
With Enigma’s large UK stock of Global Trac we are excited for what the future holds for us and our loyal customers.
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Zico LED filament lamp range has long been recognised by designers for superb quality and reliability, lighting up the most exclusive, show-stopping interior designs worldwide. So it’s no surprise that our fully dimmable flicker free lamps are number one choice for high-end venues, hotels and restaurants, as well as luxury private residences.

With strong focus on quality of manufacturing, the Aquila range offers excellent compatibility with most market leading dimmer brands, including Lutron, Mode Lighting, Eaton, Varilight, Rako, Intecho, Vivid Hospitality Solutions and Casambi, making it a number one choice for any project, from an upgrade of an older lighting system to a brand new lighting design. Visit Website


If you’ve never heard of Soraa® before, there’s a good chance it has inspired you in your favorite museum, store, hotel or restaurant. Professionals choose Soraa for an unmatched quality of light, and how it helps bring atmosphere and emotion to life in the spaces they design. Soraa pioneered full spectrum color rendering LED light, the heart of which is its proprietary LED technology, a technological breakthrough continually enhanced by producing the most natural light possible.

Soraa's founder Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize winner and the father of modern day LED lighting, wanted to create a light source that would match the characteristics of the most natural illumination: the sun. It is why the company is called Soraa, which means “sky” in kanji. Soraa has built upon its founding mission to deliver breakthrough products that illuminate many of the world’s most celebrated and exclusive spaces.
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Diomede was born to bring light to people. It illuminates the space between individual desires and collective environments. Diomede’s luminous volumes allow individuals to reformulate and reimagine their environments for their own intuitive use.

Our outdoor lighting solutions transform external spaces, enhancing the architecture, meeting user needs and enriching the atmosphere.
We find our place in this world through light and space.
Without light there is no space, and without space there is no light.
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CoeLux Srl is a hightech Company established in 2009, headquartered in ComoNExT Technology Park nearby the renowned Como Lake. Our mission is to foster an innovative solution for lighting, architecture and real-estate industries aiming at creating the perception of an extraordinarily wide space, by means of a genuine physical reproduction of optical atmospheric phenomena indoors.
Our unique CoeLux® lighting systems reproduce the true effect of natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, with a realistic sun perceived at infinite distance surrounded by a clear deep blue sky. Objects shine in the exceptional light casting sharp sky-blue shadows, “CoeLux® lighting systems – says Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, the company founder and CEO – reproduce a virtual experience of the sun and sky; especially in a below-ground environment, the effect is so powerful that it may radically change our perception of reality. It allows us to rediscover natural light in the real world in a totally new and surprising way”.
The result is achieved thanks to the comprehensive work carried on by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in the field of optical physics, numerical modelling, chemistry, material science, architecture and design. Visit Website


With the evolution of lighting comes DARK lighting. All manufactured in Belgium, we turn lamps, chandeliers, sculptures and lighting concepts into an art form for your interior. DARK has over 80 International Design Awards and therefore prides itself on being an incubator for creative ideas.

The technical aspect of DARK products is just as important as what is visible to the naked eye. Each lamp is designed by the best manufacturers using only the finest quality materials and latest techniques, considering the prevailing culture. Energy savings and sustainability are thus incorporated into the design to maintain the high standard of work.

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